Local SEO in Miami

Our local SEO agency in Miami, FL proactively delivers results to our business partners. Our extensive expertise in SEO  turns opportunities into strategies that generate results.

Our SEO company knows exactly how to get the most of local searches.

Our custom-built Miami SEO services boost your organic traffic and generate more closed deals.
Now more than ever, SEO is vital for companies with one or more physical locations in large cities like Miami.

Opposed to full-service digital marketing agencies, our Miami SEO company only focuses on search engine optimization, providing a competitive advantage to our clients in Miami.

We only do SEO, and we do it great.

SEO services to stand out in Miami

SEO Audit
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
Content Strategy
Backlink profile analysis
Google My Business
SEO Copywriting
Link building
Bunny's SEO offers all these services individually or in custom SEO packages per your business needs.

keyword research

Keyword database is the core of effective SEO strategies and future results of our SEO clients in Miami. And the key to optimizing existing page rankings. It identifies the best local opportunities that will make you rank at the top search engines results, and paper in front of your target audience.

SEO audit

We identify opportunities to make your business page appear on the first page of search engine results; our proven process detects every detail that prevents you from getting the traffic you want. Our services include analysis of the technical side of your website. We need to make sure your site functions correctly and has significant page load speed. The fast site speed and friendly user experience count as one of the most important Google ranking factors.

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Google my business

An essential element of all local SEO services. It boosts your online presence in a local pack. The number of Google reviews, the average rating, and an optimized google my business profile help your business grow and generate more leads. Our local SEO experts know exactly how to make your site appear in the local search results and help achieve your business goals.

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Local SEO Content Strategy

Our SEO specialists craft expert strategies that will give you quantifiable results. To help your rankings, you need to create topical relevance around your target service or a product. That's why relevant content development is the key to your digital marketing success. In addition, our Miami SEO agency will help strategize search engine optimization so your brand name pops up.

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Discover how to Rank Locally

Since businesses have caught on to the tremendous impact of a comprehensive Local SEO strategy, ranking for local search traffic has become more complicated, and the competition continues to grow. Below are the fundamental groups of local ranking factors to help you best optimize your SEO efforts.

Local Pack VS. Localized Organic Results

The primary goal of Local Search Engine Optimization is to rank for both Local Pack and Localized search results to catch the most amount of local customers. But if you intend to focus on improving your ranking for one over the other, here are the main factors that to consider when developing your local SEO campaign for each: Keyword Research, Content & Tech Audit.

Local Pack Factors

  • Google My Business Profile
  • Reviews
  • Average Rating 
  • Citations Consistency
  • Behavioral 

Local Organic Factors

  • On-Page Optimization
  • Citations
  • Links
  • Behavioral (Click through Rates, etc.)
  • Google My Business

Narrow your focus to these three ranking signal groups that targets both local pack and local organic traffic: On-Page Optimization, Citation Building, and Google My Business

Key Strategy Group for Ranking for the Local Pack

When developing a local SEO campaign, Google My Business takes the clear lead as the most important ranking factor to consider for the local pack ranking. With a 10% increase in impact in the last seven years, Google My Business accounts for 33% of your overall ranking score. However, when it comes to local organic search rankings, Google My Business ranking holds only a 7% impact. So, in short, tailor the majority of your local pack SEO efforts towards best optimizing your Google My Business listings ranking signals.

On-Page content and links seem to be nearly tied in the level of impact they have on your overall ranking ability. On-Page accounts for 32% of your local business, and Link Building accounts for 31%. Improve your local business’s online visibility and ranking position by continuously auditing your site and optimizing the on-page SEO and content while building a solid backlink profile to boost your domain authority.

Key Strategy Group for Ranking for Organic Local Traffic.

On-Page Optimization and Link Building seem to be nearly tied in the level of impact they have on your overall ranking ability. On-Page accounts for 32% of your local business, and Link Building accounts for 31%. Improve your local business’s online visibility and ranking position by continuously auditing your site and optimizing the on-page SEO and content while building a solid backlink profile to boost your domain authority.

Optimizing for every ranking factor will require a different level of time investment.

Top Ranking Signals for Local Pack

Understanding the individual local ranking signals will improve the overall ranking factor group and narrow down the list of tasks that produce noticeable SEO results for your local business.

  1. Primary Google My Business Category
  2. Keywords in Google My Business title
  3. Proximity to search point
  4. Physical address in the city of search
  5. Additional Google My Business categories
  6. Quality & Authority of inbound links to the domain
  7. Keywords in native Google Reviews
  8. A high Google rating
  9. Removal of spam listings through spam fighting
  10. Completeness of GMB listing & Verified GMB Listing

Google My Business Signals

GMB Individual Factors consist of the primary category, keywords in the business title, and completing and verifying the Google My Business profile. Keep in mind that you do not need to utilize every single Google My Business feature. Features like the keywords in the business description or business services and products or keywords in Google posts do not impact your rating. Neither does the frequency or quantity of Google posts.

Review Signals

Review Individual Factors consist of the keywords in Google reviews, a high numerical Google rating, and the number of reviews with text. Bear in mind that third-party review sites also have an impact on the local rankings.

Ranking Signals for Local Search

Regardless of the influence of each ranking factor, improvements on a significant number of individual signals for each group are recommended.

  1. Quality & Authority of inbound links to the domain
  2. The volume of quality content on the entire Website
  3. Keywords in the anchor text of inbound links to the domain
  4. Topical keyword relevance across the entire Website
  5. Geographic keyword relevance of domain content
  6. Mobile-Friendly & Website loading responsiveness
  7. Domain Authority of Website
  8. Keywords in Google My Business landing page title
  9. Diversity of inbound links to the domain
  10. Quality of inbound links to the domain

On-Page Signals

On-Page Individual Signals include listing the business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP). It also consists of the keywords in titles and domain authority. Creating content about your city or local area and tying it to your business will help you optimize for Local SEO. Regularly generating engaging and relevant content is a vital component of On-Page optimization.

Link Signals

Individual link signals include inbound anchor text, linking domain authority, and linking domain authority. Building a quality backlink profile is no easy task, but it will signal to Google and other search engines that your Website is a reliable contender in your industry, so it’s worth the effort.

Behavioral Signals

Individual behavioral signals consist of click-through rate, mobile clicks to call, and check-ins. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that you can do to optimize for these signals. However, optimizing for all the other factors listed above will increase your overall authority and trustworthiness. Over time, these factors will lead to a boost in behavioral signals.

Local SEO takes time and extensive knowledge to put you on top and keep you there. That’s why it’s always better to work with industry experts who know exactly how to make it work!