Take Advantage of Your Opportunities with Advanced SEO Audit

A content audit is a comprehensive and in-depth look at the quality and quantity of the content on your website. It provides analysis from all the data on all the pages on your website and gives you a clear picture of what’s performing well. It also provides an analysis on what is underperforming on search engines and with your target audience.

What is the purpose of a Content Audit?

There are two crucial reasons why a website content audit is required:

  1. Take inventory and gauge the content performance on the current website content.
  2. Identify opportunities to generate future content and identify opportunities to increase the performance of existing website content.
What drags down organic traffic, search engine rankings, user engagement:
  1. Slow loading speed
  2. Keyword cannibalization
  3. Lack of external/internal links
  4. Thin content 
  5. Cookie-cutter content
  6. Duplicated content
  7. Redirect chains
  8. Improper keywords selection
  9. Indexation issues

Existing Marketing Strategy

One of the primary purposes of a content audit is to analyze the performance of existing content and decide which content strategy is best and implement. Does it need to be deleted? Can it be merged and combined with other low-quality content to create a content piece that will perform well? Can it be expanded on to provide a deep dive on the topic for the clients or users? Content auditing begins with analyzing current content, and identifying the best opportunities that will provide the fastest results.

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SEO Content Audit is Essential for every website

Maintaining the relevancy and quality of the generated content is the primary goal of a good content strategy. All markets, like the digital market, are always in flux. Constantly improving and changing means everyone has to do the same to keep up; otherwise, they will get left behind.

Staying up to date doesn’t necessarily mean constantly creating new content. A typical content marketing strategy for a business is optimizing the current content. Duplicate content can be trimmed down and combined with other relevant, thin content to create a new piece of quality content. Content audit shows all the insights of your website. Then you as a business will analyze and gauge if updating the current strategy is more efficient than deleting and creating new content pieces.

All future content creation should satisfy both the search engines’ crawlers and the user content experience. A content audit starts this process.

Bunny's SEO has developed and strategizing successful SEO campaigns around the content analysis data produced from these types content audits. That combined with the business goals puts your business face to face with your target audience and users.

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