SEO for a Vintage Bus Rental Company

The renting of buses remains a popular option for people who want to party or travel in style. This is often considered an alternative to a limo service. The charter bus industry is estimated to reach a value of over $4 billion by 2024 in the United States.

While this growth is beneficial for your vintage party buses, it also means you will have a lot of competition. Whether offering a rental services for a party bus or a limo with a vintage design, it is important to understand what factors affect your rankings on Google. We take a closer look at how you can achieve first page rankings for the service you provide.

Research And Planning

Your first step is do to some research. This includes identifying keywords that you can use to rank on Google. One of the most effective ways to do this is to look at keywords your competitors are ranking for. Consider all competitors.

Also consider limo companies. Limo rental is similar to your business in some ways, so you can take advantage of those search phrases too. Look at strategies used by companies who offer a wedding limo service and those that give people access to a town car. These are all businesses in the transportation industry.

Use a tool such as SEMRush to determine search phrases you can target. Take note of local keywords too. If you are in New York, for example, make sure to find terms that relate to local regions.

On-Page And Google My Business Optimization

The next step is to optimize the content on your company website. Start by adding the search phrases to the title of pages on your website. Add the words to content on your pages too.

Avoid adding the keyword too many times, however. You want to aim for a keyword density that is lower than 1% in most cases. Relevancy of keywords is important. Avoid referring to a limo on the site, for example. This accounts even when doing competitor research on companies that rent out a limousine.

Look for a limo company or bus renting services in your local area on Google – these businesses show up in the Google My Business section of the search results. You want your business to show up here.

Thus, be sure to set up a Google My Business listing and optimize it properly. Add a logo, link to your website, and your contact details. This allows people to call you with one tap. Even though not a limousine service, people will still take advantage of Google to get your number.


SEO is competitive in all industries. When optimizing your SEO campaign for a company that rents out vintage buses, start with research and focus on thorough planning.