SEO For E-commerce Store: Top Ranks For Dak Prescott Jersey

SEO For E-commerce Store: Top Ranks For Dak Prescott Jersey Clothing Line

The fashion industry is worth over $3 trillion and makes up 2% of the global Gross Domestic Product.

Retail stores in local areas continue to sell clothing, but many people are taking their search for fashion to eCommerce sites.

This guide to eCommerce SEO shows you how to rank higher for your clothing line. The guide to SEO uses the Dak Prescott Jersey clothing line as an example.

Competitor & Keyword Research

Start by identifying keywords you can target. Visit a platform like SEMRush and enter your main keyword.

Just a quick look here and you can already find many opportunities.

Take a closer look at the “Keyword Variations” section – there are 309 keywords you can potentially target.

You do not want to target them all, but rather the ones with a low keyword difficulty (preferably under 30), and those with a higher search volume.

Take note of these keywords, while also considering the “related keywords” section. You can use these keywords with Google Keyword Planner later on too.

To rank above your competition, you need to know what they are doing to achieve their rankings.

Looking for the right keywords is the first step, but to perform page SEO for eCommerce, you should take a look at the following factors from competitors:

  • Keywords they are ranking for
  • The layout of their product and category pages
  • Configuration and design of the navigation
  • How keywords are implemented on their website
  • How they take advantage of product descriptions

If you use a technical SEO tool for your eCommerce site, then you should be able to get a good view of who your competitors are.

SEMRush gives you a full overview of competitors directly on the SERP Analysis, for example.

On-Page Optimization For Ecommerce Sites

To rank your product pages higher in Google, you need to implement an on-page optimization strategy.

This includes optimizing pages on your site with keywords you find.

LSI keywords are longer phrases – also known as long-tail keywords.

Try to identify some of these. For example, in the example provided above, “dak Prescott jersey women” and “dak Prescott Mississippi state jersey” are both good options when adding such keywords.

Keywords should be added on a product page and a category page.

You want to keep the keyword density low, however – stuffing your site structure with keywords will not help you get better rankings in search results.

SEO for eCommerce websites also needs to consider factors like navigation, layout, and the structure of the site.

Site architecture should ensure customers can easily navigate the website.

Category and product pages should make it easy for customers to navigate. The show recently viewed clothes, related clothing items, and top-rated items on all pages.

Internal linking is also important when it comes to search engine optimization.

Ranking higher in search engines for your eCommerce clothing line should start with a thorough plan.

Do research, set up a plan for your eCommerce website. Focus on internal links, as well as an external link-building strategy.