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SaaS SEO is Search Engine Optimization explicitly designed to increase organic traffic (non-paid traffic) to a SaaS company website by earning top rankings on Search Engines Results Pages for a list of specific keywords and phrases.

Now that we understand the basics, let’s show you how Bunny’s SEO experts can help grow your SaaS company.

How does SEO SaaS Works?

There are three vital components to a successful SEO SaaS strategy:

  1. Technical SEO – ensuring that search engines can easily “crawl” a SaaS site, meaning they can efficiently and accurately understand and index the content on the website.
  2. Content Optimization – content is optimized around the targeted keywords and is easy for search engines and users to understand. Most importantly, it provides value to its readers.
  3. Backlinks – linking to and from other websites shows Google and other search engines that you are a credible source of information and that you have authority.

Grow your Business with our SaaS SEO Strategy Blueprint

  1. Define SaaS SEO Goals – ranking higher is the first step, but what is the end goal? Do you want to increase the number of users who sign up for a trial, increase the number of new subscribers or increase total sales numbers?
  2. Once we zone in on the desired goals, we can tailor our SEO strategy accordingly.
  3. Technical SEO – fixing various deficiencies that your website might have will significantly impact your ranking in the SERPs. Things like the loading speed and mobile-friendliness of a website are huge ranking factors for Google and other search engines. Once we perform a technical audit and the recommended solutions are applied, we will continuously monitor the Technical SEO health of your website.
  4. Keyword Research – extensive research on which keywords or phrases are most relevant to your specific software services and which keywords are relevant to your target audience. This research also helps us understand the search intent of online users. Along with the Keyword Research, we will also do a competitor analysis. Your competitors are those who are targeting the exact keywords as you are. This analysis will show us which keywords are easier to target, give us content ideas, and we will be able to see their backlink profiles.
  5. Content Optimization – Using the selected keywords and their competitive analysis, we will develop a content strategy that is unique, engaging, and informative. The goal here is to have better content than your competitor and also to answer and resolve your target audience inquiries.
  6. Link Building – backlinks or external links are the currency of the digital world. The more sites link to your website, the more credible and trustworthy it appears to Google and its users. One of the most effective ways to build a backlink profile is to create high-quality, valuable, and relevant content. Content Marketing comes in handy here since it will increase the amount of traffic to your website and increase the number of backlinks.
Advanced SEO Audit
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
Content Strategy
Backlink profile analysis
Technical SEO Audit
Google My Business Optimization
SEO Copywriting
Link building strategy
Link building service
Bunny's SEO offers all these services individually or in custom SEO packages per your business needs.

B2B SaaS SEO Agency

Since your SaaS business is exclusively online, it’s crucial to build relationships with influencers or other SaaS businesses in your niche. One of the ways to do this is with outreach and providing high-quality content to those B2B SaaS. Reaching out to those SaaS companies that have been in business longer than most is beneficial in multiple ways. Link building is a vital SEO service for increasing brand awareness and authority within the SaaS industry.

Additional Benefits of a Solid SaaS SEO Strategy:

  1. Search Engine Optimization SEO for SaaS can help scale your growth exponentially. More content= more traffic to your page. More link building = more traffic.
  2. SaaS SEO can help reduce your CPA rate (Cost-Per-Acquisition). Since new customers are acquired through organic (non-paid) means, this will reduce the PPC or paid media campaigns.
  3. SEO can help convert customers from other channels. Since any good SaaS SEO strategy will include content creation, that content can be re-used by the entire marketing team, either for a social media strategy, link building strategy, and any other marketing strategy.

Final Words on SaaS SEO

SaaS SEO strategies are long-term strategies. They are very cost-efficient and effective tactics for your SaaS business, but they require patience and consistency.

Organic growth takes time. But our SaaS SEO Services Blueprint will increase your conversion rate, new clients and qualified leads, and ultimately your sales and revenue.

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