Multilingual SEO services

Want to know what multilingual SEO services are? Multilingual SEO services are SEO services offered in different languages. In this article we cover what multilingual SEO is all about.

First things, first. What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of internet traffic to your website through organic (non-paid) search engine results. Search engines are massive archives of information. The ultimate goal of SEO is to have your website rank as one of the best results for a targeted search. Google and other search engines have over 200 ranking factors in their algorithm that rank all the websites and content on the internet. And they are updated and revised annually. These searching algorithms are how search engines deem the “best results” you see when you run a quick search like “What is digital marketing?”

Optimizing a website for all of these rankings is the ultimate goal of any SEO strategy.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital in the current, modern world as we tend to spend most of our time online. From work to school, to dating, or even to just making dinner -our daily life is aided by the use of smart tech, Apps, and most importantly, Google.

That’s why simply having a webpage will not increase your digital presence on the ether of what we know as the internet. Unless people search for your brand directly, you are just wishfully hoping that your ideal customers will accidentally stumble upon your site. This is where SEO expertise comes in.

Personally, how often do you go onto the second page of Google results? We’d say only under desperate circumstances, otherwise, you adjust your search inquiry or search engine to get different (and hopefully, more accurate) results. Bunny’s SEO will find the right keywords that will bring your site to the first page of your target audience’s search inquiries. And keep them there…

Great website content and an interactive user experience will keep the target audience on your site. Especially if you are answering their search intent. Is your product/service the one they should buy? Are you helping with their frequently asked questions?

Our multilingual SEO services experts have over a decade of experience in the Marketing Industry. We know how people think and more importantly, we know how Google thinks.

Our Multilingual SEO Services combine the knowledge of general human behavior and search engine algorithms to help your business grow its brand, increase its organic traffic, and ultimately grow your sales and dominance in your market.

If you already know Why SEO is so important, here’s how we can help you:

Reach your target audience by intensive keyword research.

Improve On-Page & Off-Page SEO

Optimize Web Content / Website Design

We Speak Your Customers’ Language

Not only can we speak the Search Engine languages, we know a few humans as well. Our multilingual SEO services are provided for multilingual websites in the different languages:



If you need to target other languages that are not mentioned above-we got you covered, book a call for a free consultation now!


Technical SEO (Search Engine Language)

Website Load Speed – Site Security (SSL/HTTPS) – Site Architecture – Search Engine Crawlability/Indexability

Technical SEO is focused mainly on the backend of your site. These SEO services help multilingual search engines understand what your website is about when they crawl it and where they should index it. Various elements on the backend of the site affect your search engine rankings and the amount of organic traffic you get. Luckily our SEO experts speak the language. So we can let the search engines know how to interpret your website content appropriately.

On-Page SEO (Human Language)

On-Page Content – Webpage Structure – URL Structure – Page Titles & Meta Descriptions – User Friendliness & Engagement

On-Page SEO focuses primarily on the elements of a website that can be controlled directly by the owner. High-quality content and unique page titles will help draw more users to your page and keep them engaged and more likely to buy or use your services/products. Slow load speed and bad site structure will make sure they leave your site as quickly as they found it.

Off-Page SEO (Human Language)

Social Media – Backlinks -Brand Promotion

Off-Page SEO focuses on everything you can do to increase your digital presence outside of your webpage. Increasing your domain authority by creating brand awareness through social media and by having other sites link to yours will increase your search engine ranking.

We offer specialized link-building services, find out more here.

Local SEO (Both Languages)

Best for brick & mortar business -Bunny’s SEO provides these SEO services to agencies that offer services/products. Even if you own a business overseas, our multilingual SEO experts will make your website rank in the specific local target market.


Business, portfolios, media sites, and blogs. Our multilingual SEO company helps share your great content with the world.

Need to spruce up your page, we can help. Check out our Web Design Services (multiple languages are also applied).


Your product is special, let customers know they can buy it from you. Can you ship abroad? Even better! Our international SEO content strategy will help you reach your target market.

If you are an agency, we can help you attract your ideal audience. Find out how, here.


You have amazing software that can help others, we can help you share it & others find it.

Link to other companies that will happily recommend your helpful software with our link-building services.

From our experience, the key factors to achieving organic ranking success are:

  1. In-depth keyword research
  2. Responsive UI
  3. Engaging content
  4. Relevant backlinks
  5. Smart URL architecture
  6. A hint of Bunny’s Magic

Knowledge is key to creating value. We offer both.

We know how to improve your technical SEO, on-page content, and referring domain profile. Our in-depth knowledge of the search engine ranking criteria will increase your visitors’ dwell time, reduces the bouncing rate, and boosts your CTRs.

Here’s Our Proven Formula

the best user experience  Voice search optimization

Responsive mobile interface Local Citations (NAP) profile

professional translators In-depth content

Our in-house SEO team provides a transparent, results-driven process that will put your business on the path to success in the digital sphere.

Bunny’s SEO can also teach you the search engine language.

Since we are only moving further and further into the digital world, it’s not a bad idea to learn more about how you can make it work better for you and your business. If you are interested in learning how Search Engine Optimization works and how to create result-driven SEO strategies on your own, Bunny’s SEO also provides SEO Consulting. As they say, knowledge is wealth and we like to share. With our 1-on-1 training and easy-to-understand material, you will be an SEO fluent business owner in no time.

Through the use of multilingual SEO services we are able to satisfy the language needs SEO clients have.